Webmaster Audit
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Audit your Webmaster / SEO Professional

Enter your Website to get a FREE Audit of your Webmaster or SEO Professional! Make sure they are doing their job!

The webmaster audit tool can tell you instantly what kind of value you are getting from your current webmaster / SEO professional. Overpaying? You will find out. Underpaying? It will tell you. Each webpage is scored for efficiency, irregardless of pagerank. Each individual link is scored as well!

Amazingly, you can schedule your own times to audit your SEO and edit customized rules that email you only when they are triggered. Don't waste time comparing one month's work to another. The SEO rules will automatically tell you, for instance, if your Home Page score drops more than 20%. The combinations of rules are endless.

Just switched SEO companies? Thinking of hiring a new SEO Company? Have a webmaster that you aren't sure of? Worried about your latest website overhaul? The webmaster audit tool will help you quickly identify the source of your lost revenue, and at the same time reduce your maintenance costs!

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